Closer to you, also on internet: Brand-new website


Nearer to you, design and user friendly are the main features of our brand-new website.

Closer to you, also on internet: Brand-new website

Few days ago, we said goodbye to a fulfilling year, as in markets where LOSDI is a referent in the professional hygiene sector as in new emerging markets that meant a great opportunity to grow and expand the brand.

That fact started the need to think in new purposes for this new 2019, willing to get LOSDI close to you. No matter where you go or where you are, we want to be right there by your side.

This is how our new website was born. A useful tool in which you can find the info you were looking for or getting the inspiration needed to complement the best spaces. Never mind if you are using your laptop, tablet or smartphone, thanks to its responsive design, the web adapts itself to every screen.

Smooth and elegant design to simplify the navigation, making it easy to access to what we consider most important: information. User's experience has been our main concern during the building process of our website, that's why three different languages can be selected to make you feel comfortable while navigating.

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Published in 15/1/2019


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