The hand wash called to be the most effective way to prevent flu


With cold temperatures virus diseases expand themselves easily, but there are some ways to avoid getting ill. The hand wash has been called to be the most effective action to prevent flu.

The hand wash called to be the most effective way to prevent flu

Winter has come. And along with it coats, gloves, scarfs and in most of cases umbrellas are also a trend. We try to avoid catching a cold and every consequence it bears, but sometimes it is impossible to get to spring without being ill at least once.

In fact, during this present winter, the flu cases registered in Spain are close to be treated as an epidemic situation. As the latest news of the Surveillance System of Flu in Spain from the Health Institute Carlos III inform, from every 100.000 inhabitants of the country, 109,4 people are likely to get flu.

That’s why the Microbiology expert from the Navarra Clinic, Miriam Fernández, has detailed to El País the keys to reduce the risk of getting ill with the flu disease, calling the hand wash as the most effective way to prevent it.

As she says, the flu virus can resist among five and ten minutes in our hands, so if you scratch your eyes or take your hands to your mouth you will be instantly infected. The most effective action to prevent the infection is washing your hands at least five times a day, reducing by 90% the possibilities of getting ill.

There are also other ways to prevent the infection. The flu vaccine, avoiding getting into closed and crowded spaces or cleaning and ventilating our home and office is also helpful.

By following these tips, and obviously washing our hands regularly, we might make it possible to let winter pass by, without making any alliance with tissue papers or medicines. But it does not just depend on regularity, but in effectivity. Make sure you spend minimum 20 seconds when washing your hands, use soap, and do it correctly wherever you are, because being close to you is our duty.

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Published in 4/2/2019


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