The process of reinvention towards a natural design


The product design plays a very important role in its decorative function, but also in the functional aspect. With these premises the STAR line was born, unifying the concepts of natural design and the functional quality of a product destined to a high intensive use.

The process of reinvention towards a natural design

It is increasingly common to complement the spaces dedicated to a high traffic of users such as offices, train stations or hotels with materials like wood and decorative elements of vegetation. Resources that aim to bring us closer to an environment related to freedom and outdoor life to convey greater warmth and comfort.

 Following this trend, LOSDI has approached the design of its hygiene dispensers to this movement, creating a kind of symbiosis between the needs that space requires and the functionality expected of a product of these characteristics. And to achieve it, this new design has started from the most indispensable natural element for life: water.

You can click here to see any product of the STAR line and check that they remember at a glance to a drop of water. Its rounded lines, its translucent material and the way in which the dispensers are supported on the wall make the products of the STAR LINE range the only paper and soap dispensers on the market inspired by the natural form of a drop of water.

 Even so, despite the fragility of the water, the products of the STAR line are made with polycarbonate, an ultra-resistant material that gives the range a very high durability and shock resistance, thus winning the well-known characteristic of anti-vandalism products. With no doubt, a whole declaration of innovation in terms of product design.

Do you know any place that uses elements of natural design? Leave us a comment and share it with us!

Published in 26/4/2019


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