Two ways to get rid of mosquitoes in your workplace


Summer has just started, but mosquitoes are already threatening to become a serious problem. In LOSDI we want to help you to keep your place of work free of any danger, for this reason we bring you two effective ways to eliminate mosquitoes.

Two ways to get rid of mosquitoes in your workplace

During the summer time it is very common to ensure that both commercial and professional spaces are completely free of mosquitoes and their bites due to the possible threat of transmission of tropical diseases, as happened with three Icelandic tourists misdiagnosed with chikungunya after visiting Spain. To achieve this, from LOSDI we propose you two equally effective ways to eliminate any type of mosquito.

Although it is true that both insecticide sprays and electronic fly killers of LOSDI obtain an equally positive performance in the task of freeing spaces from mosquitoes, it is convenient to know which of the two options is better to use depending on the characteristics of the workplace.

In the case of the spray, its use is very frequent in spaces of reduced dimensions in which the actions of extermination of mosquitoes are very effective. In addition, its use is also very frequent due to the pleasant smell of natural pyrethrin released by the charges, acting in the same way as an air freshener.

On the other hand, the LOSDI electronic fly killer can be accommodated in larger professional spaces, where the need to maintain a clear environment is more frequent. In addition, unlike the spray, electronic devices can be used outdoor and terraces, as long as the device is protected from possible inclement weather.

In the case of using the fly killer in indoor spaces, its simple placement at the entrance of establishments to avoid access to mosquitoes makes it one of the most used systems in the Horeca channel. In fact, the wide variety of versions available (with an 11W tube, with two 11W tubes, with two 15W tubes and with three 15W tubes) facilitate the choice of the right device for each space and specific need.

From LOSDI we invite you to visit the product page of the LOSDI insecticide spray and the LOSDI electronic fly killer available on our website. And if you want to go deeper into the choice of the ideal electronic fly killer for your space, you can read our post titled "3 tips to choose the right electronic fly killer".

Published in 28/6/2019


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