Welcome Spring: Start-up for the hotel reopening


The tourism sector is one of the main engines of the Spanish economy, and to take advantage of its strong seasonality, hotels get fully prepared during the winter months.

Welcome Spring: Start-up for the hotel reopening

Spring is the main precursor factor for the end of seasonality in the tourism sector. The Easter festivities, ‘La Feria de Abril’ and warm temperatures are the main weapons of the hotel business in Spain to attract a large number of tourists and visitors both nationally and internationally.

 For this reason, in the months of less flow of travelers, most of hotels and restaurants take the opportunity to adapt their facilities and leave them fully prepared for the start of the season.

 Only in Mallorca, during the low season that runs from October 2018 to April 2019, a total of 45 hotels have closed their doors to reform and remodel their facilities in order to accommodate a type of client with greater purchasing power, according to ‘Mallorca Diario’.

 And, in words of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Spain is the country that receives more tourists per year, after the United States and France, concentrating most of the tourist movement in the coastal space.

 In LOSDI we are ready for the start of the high season. Is your business prepared for reopening?

Published in 29/3/2019


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