Loads of soap
  • Loads of soap

Loads of soap

Load of Foam Soap 750ml Star Line

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  • Reference code: CB-0515-E
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  • Brand: LOSDI
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Foam Soap Valve

750 ml Avalaible for  CJ-5005B / CJ-5005BL 0,4 ml 6 504


Load of liquid soap 750ml of the Star Line manufactured by Losdi, ideal for cleaning skin and hair, great cleaning capacity.

It has in its composition dermatological components that act avoiding the incidence of skin conditions, keeping it soft and perfumed. It contains in its composition re-greasing compounds of the epithelial layer, which guarantees a perfect protection.

How to use: Apply a small dose, rub and rinse afterwards with water

Qualitative Chemical Composition: Anionic, nonionic and amphoteric surfactants. Re-greasers for the skin. Fragrance. Colorant. Reg. Cosmetics No. 9735-CS.

Available for Losdi Line Star dispensers.