According to the scientific community, there are only seven years left for climate change to become irreversible.

The countdown to curb climate change has begun. 

It is up to us to solve this great problem.

Recycled packaging

LOSDI dispensers are protected by a packaging made of 100% recycled cardboard, a packaging that aims to safeguard both products and the environment.

More respectful packaging

We have reduced the use of plastic in the packaging process of products, being also 50% recycled, to generate less impact on the environment.

Search for 'zero waste'

10% of the ABS is discarded during the injection process, but it is not treated as waste, it is crushed and prepared for subsequent use in future production processes to make components or internal replacements.

ECO-LUXE 100% eco-sustainable

The commitment to the environment has led us to materialize a product range 100% eco-sustainable, with the aim of creating an ecological alternative in the field of professional hygiene.