ABS Soap Dispensers. París Line
  • ABS Soap Dispensers. París Line

ABS Soap Dispensers. París Line

ABS Soap Dispensers with for load 750 ml, silver colour. París Line

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Capacity Lock and key Measurements Material System Dosage Button Packaging  Units per palet  
CJ-1004-C-CG 750 ml Closing by lock and plastic key 250 x 126 x 110 mm ABS Black Non dripping Valve 0,4 ml Manual 12 288


 Decoration plays an esential part in public toiletes at this days, is the interior visible face of your bussines, this is why the different dispensers manufactured by LOSDI, are allways the decorative element that helps renovate the look of your public áreas. This is why the soap dispensers of LOSDI play’s  an essential roll, at any public Toilet , hotel, kitchen restaurant, gym, hospital, petrol station or services.

In our diferent lines of product, the soap dispenser, can be find with bottle or for independent loads. In all of them you can use liquid soap or foam or hand gel alcohol free and without fragarnce. Depending on the tipe of soap, the quantity dispensed can be more or less, it can go from 1 ml of dose of the liquid soap to 0,4 ml of the foam, and the capacity of the soap dispenser can go from 1,7 litres to 1, or 900 ml with bottle of 750ml with independent charges.

LOSDI also has an automatic dispenser with infrared sensor, al models are ready to be instaled directly on the wall, are vandalism prove, and are sent with our LOSDI key and all the accesories needed for his installation.

Depending on the look and impresion that you want to give, at LOSDI you can find all the diferente alternatives  designs and  finishes. Can be  distiguished the Paris soap dispenser and the Sidney soap dispenser of the Elegance line, the soap dispenser of the blinder model form the elegance line, and the soap dispenser of the Star line. Depending on the model and the space where it wants to be located, you can choose from diferent materials, and colors, so you could have it in ABS trasparent, white and black, and also grey and chrome finish, also in Stainless steel, with finished sheen or glossed, and finally white polycarbonate or black polycarbonate.

All LOSDI soap dispensers are provided with a split in the frontal part to visualize with facility the consumable one of the interior, in the case of the Star line because the polycarbonate whyte and black is transparent, it allows to see the soap in bottle or individual charges and his interior.

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