Bacteromatic Line
  • Bacteromatic Line

Bacteromatic Line

Digital Chemical Dispenser, programmable. Bacteromatic Line

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Digital screen – interchangeable loads - Programmable – Operation by battery - Indicators on / off - low battery

500 ml 240 x 108 x 100 mm Polypropylene and white fiber 20 360


 Digital air freshener dispenser manufactured by Losdi belonging to the Elegance Line.

Made of high quality polypropylene and fibre in white colour.

Programmable aerosol dispenser with removable loads, used to perfume environments with a fresh fragrance. 

It has a Led light, which provides a light effect on and off, as well as low battery.

Digital screen

Programmable timer in: hours, days and / or weekends.

Interchangeable loads of 250 ml

Operation: 2 LR 20 AA batteries

It has an standard security Losdi key supplied with the product.