INDUSTRIAL TOILET PAPER DISPENSERS: Centerfeed dispensing vs traditional dispensing


Efficiency and effectiveness in the hygienic process are the main objectives of LOSDI when designing and producing new paper dispensers. In the case of industrial toilet paper, at LOSDI we have developed two types of dispensers seeking paper savings and simplicity of use.

INDUSTRIAL TOILET PAPER DISPENSERS: Centerfeed dispensing vs traditional dispensing

Dispensers for toilet paper are more than necessary in toilets of restaurants, airports, shopping centers and, ultimately, any public space. Its use is widespread and is considered a basic necessity, so all users are accustomed to industrial toilet paper and also to the paper dispenser.

However, in LOSDI we have developed two types of toilet paper dispensers so that all those spaces that require it can make a lower consumption of paper thanks to the centerfeed dispensing system.

This is how, to the traditional paper dispenser, it is joined by a novel toilet paper dispenser in which the paper is dispensed sheet by sheet by the front of the dispenser achieving a considerable reduction of paper by making use only of the necessary services.

Another fundamental aspect of this type of dispensers is that they avoid cross-contamination since each user only manipulates the paper they are going to consume, leaving the rest of the toilet paper intact inside the dispenser.

Centerfeed toilet paper dispenser saves paper consumption compared to traditional paper dispensers

As you can see, the user experience in this new toilet paper dispenser is simple, fast and pleasant, but to move to this new paper dispensing system you must take into account a very important requirement: a specific toilet paper roll is necessary.

 Although all rolls of industrial toilet paper have a pre-cut that facilitates the separation of each service from the total roll, this type of paper also requires that the fluid, instead of being on the side, is through the center of the roll after having removed the cardboard cannula. In this way, the paper will not be consumed from the outside in, but will do so from the inside out.

In addition, it is necessary that the paper roll has a maximum height of 11 centimeters and that each service has a length of between 25 and 30 centimeters to ensure a pleasant use.

Next, we leave you the toilet paper dispensers with centerfeed dispensing:

And also toilet paper dispensers with traditional dispensing:

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