From its origins, LOSDI is the brand that accompanies the products of Primicias Tecnicas Cardi that has been reaping the greatest success in the improvement of quality and the constant innovation of its products. In this way, in a few years it has managed to occupy a position in the vanguard of the industrial hygiene sector, positioning itself as one of the first rows of the market

LOSDI is a Spanish manufacturer of products for industrial hygiene that has more than 22 years of experience in the sector, since its beginnings in 1995

Its main functions are the design, manufacture and commercialization of a wide range of products for collectivities, all of them with their own designs and in tendency to market demands. Among the product range of industrial hygiene dispensers, there are hygienic paper dispensers, soap dispensers, hand dryers, towel dispensers, industrial roll dispensers, centerfeed paper dispensers, chemical dispensers, insect exterminators, litter bins, hair dryers and bathroom accessories.

After a long business career, Primicias Técnicas Cardi is nowadays a leading company in the industrial hygiene sector. LOSDI is synonymous of quality and innovation, which day by day continues to bet on the technological vanguard and the expansion of markets. Thanks to all the efforts put in by the team, LOSDI has become a National Referent in the industrial hygiene sector


New corporate image

The direction and vision of LOSDI focuses on territorial expansion, both nationally and internationally, as well as the production of new product lines.

It is intended to cover all the needs of the customers, offering a quality product and with high performance in terms of design, practicality, materials and applied technology

The New Corporate Image is guided to the generational change that is supported by the company's trajectory in the market. The demands that we want to face make us rethink a change of direction, a new projection with a view to the future and the new times.

The identifying colours are white and black, which provide sobriety and elegance, while consolidating the designs within the brand and giving greater readability to all our product lines.

The entire corporate image of LOSDI was renewed and updated, which responds to an avant-garde design with clean and legible lines, which generate a global vision of the updated company.

With this new corporate image, it is facilitated the recognition of the brand in any situation achieving a differentiation against the competitors. The values of the company are visually represented and unity is given to all the communicative elements, professionalizing the perception of the same.
In short, it generates a positive impact of union with customers, so that they feel identified with the values of the brand.

Close to you

The LOSDI team works CLOSE TO YOU

Close to the professional, providing an effective service, with the best guarantees and close to the end customer, with a quality product, innovative design and absolute practicality.

New Star Line

Each time the market we face becomes more demanding and needs to provide different and highly competitive facilities. All these reasons make it grow the need to offer an added value, which makes us stand out from our competitors and offer detailed and personalized plans, acting on each of the needs of our customers.

For all these reasons, it borns the New Product Line called STAR. It is the result of the study of current trends in fashion, interior design, industrial design and environmental improvements, which are presented in spaces where industrial hygiene products will coexist with people

The New STAR Line presents a design inspired by the seabed which takes shape depending on the consumable that is housed inside. It presents polyvalent products, of pure organic forms, without sharp edges, with transparent colours that lighten the volume and imitate the water. It contains a textured interior that adds warmth and aesthetic complexity to the design and makes it stand out from the rest


The values of LOSDI are technological innovation of quality, respect for the environment and international projection.

The LOSDI team strives to offer the best connections and guarantees between the company and its customers, responding to the needs of each particular case

A delivery commitment is generated in the orders and an excellent after-sales customer service is offered. In order to guarantee all these issues, we think of the greater efficiency of the shipments, focused on the retail channel, generating a good relationship between customers, as well as the guarantees and specifications offered in each of the LOSDI products.

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The main customers of LOSDI are, manufacturers of paper and forestry products, chemical manufacturers, paper converters, grocers, interior design and restoration companies, distributors of material and business equipment, distributors of office supplies, collectivities, among others.


LOSDI bets for quality. As company, raw materials of the highest quality are used, which thanks to the implementation of the ISO standard, it ensures that all products comply with the exposed requirements.

LOSDI complies with the Quality Assurance System by executing the ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management Standard and with the concerning certifications. These recognitions allow us to guarantee that the products manufactured meet the quality parameters required by our customers.

Being at the avant-garde of the demands of the market, makes us become more and more specialists in the sector, being in continuous improvement in all our departments. Therefore, we invest in professionalization, including specialized people in each of our departments.

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